Cracked Windshield Repair

If you are one of the millions of people traveling on highways on a daily basis, then the chances are that you might have experienced a cracked windshield. Almost every one of you might have heard the sound of a rock smacking your car’s windshield. Most people ignore a cracked windshield; they drive back and forth to work every day.

While debris may not entirely damage the windshield glass, it is in your best interest to get it repaired. This is because of the reason that the windshield acts as a shield against wind, rain and all other sorts of things. The smallest damage to the glass can lead to big trouble down the road.

If you got a damaged windshield, it is easy to fix it up. Call us. At Utah Mobile Auto Glass specializes in Windshield safety. We know when the glass needs to be replaced or repaired. Let one of our experts help you so that you can get back on the road safely and within your budget.

Repairing a crack on your windshield can extend the life of your windshield glass. To repair it, we seal the minor chips on the glass by injecting a polymer into the damaged area. Our Cracked windshield repair services include:

  • Removing the debris from the area.

  • Sealing the damaged area.

When you need to replace windshield

Most of the rock chips are found in the lower half of the vehicle’s front glass. It is the weakest part in terms of resistance. Temperature differences increase the chances of rock chips to turn into a big crack.

If a crack in your front glass is less than 12 inches in length, then it can be repaired. Cracks around 20 inches in length needs to replaced. They cannot be repaired. This size of the crack has the potential to spread quickly.

Call us for assistance anytime. Our Cracked windshield repair services are available in Draper, West Valley, Lehi, Herriman and Murray.

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